Rochester Mn Baby Photographer

Rochester, Minnesota's most trusted portrait photographer will work with you create art from your life. Whether its a baby being born, having a birthday, family portraits or going off to college. I help busy families stop time, just for a moment.

Maternity and Newborn Portraits

You're pregnant with your first, maybe second, third or even fourth baby. You may, or may not know, how only for a short time they are this little. Your body is changing, growing a life inside you. Do you worry you won't remember all the details of your sweet little baby? They grow so fast, especially that first year. At Erin Young Portrait Design, you are guaranteed to get portraits that reflect you, your style and your family. Let the beginning never end and make sure you these moments are not lost in time.

Baby’s First Year 

Baby’s First Year is a collection of sessions that will capture your baby and all the changes they have in
the first year of life. The 4 month session will show how your baby smiles and how well they can hold their head up.
The 8 month session captures your little baby who may be on the move, crawling, sitting up on their own and perhaps even standing against furniture. At the One Year session your little baby could be walking, scooting, crawling and clapping among many other milestones at this age.
Sets are customized to your favorite colors and some outfits at the studio can be provided.  
Parents are welcome to participate in any of the sessions in the first year, as well as siblings, too.  
So capture not only your favorite milestones, but the relationship you have with your child as a family. 
Don’t worry about keeping a baby book, I’ve got you covered. 

Rochester MN Newborn Photography FAQ

How does a newborn portrait session work?

Newborn sessions are best done at 7-14 days old but can be done up to 6 weeks old with limited poses. Erin has a big collection of blankets, headbands, tieback, warps and props so you don’t need to bring anything.  Session fee is due at the time of booking.  Please book your due date BEFORE your baby arrives.  The sooner the better. Erin only takes a limited number of sessions per week.  Once your due date is booked, when your babies arrives, you will call the studio and set the final session date and time.  Prep instructions and tips will be emailed to you once your baby arrives and your session is scheduled. Average full newborn session takes 2-3 hours.

I have pre booked my newborn now what? What if my baby comes early or late?

We ask that all clients email or call within 24-48 hours of having your baby. Most babies are booked anywhere from 8-10 or even 12 or 14 days depending on the babys weight. Letting us know when you have your baby early enough allows rooms for rescheduling and adjusting.

Can my other children be in the newborn photos?

Yes, all siblings are welcome and should be included.  This is a new beginning to your family, and we should make sure to capture those relationships. 

Can you photograph my props and heirlooms?

Yes, grandma’s hand made quilts are always welcome!  I try to incorporate jewelry, blankets, etc as best I can.  As far as outfits for the baby, unless it was specifically made for a newborn photography session, chances are it will not work out well. 

What else do I need to know?

Newborn photography is a very specialized type of photography session. I am always aware of your child’s safety and have taken many steps in training to ensure that your baby will be safe throughout the session. Many of the images you see on my website are composites of multiple exposures so that someone has a hand on the baby at all times. Please be aware, that many new photographers are not aware of the dangers associated with creating these composite images. Even if you do not choose to book with me, be sure to ask about the safety qualifications and practices of your chosen newborn photographer. Regardless of who you choose, I want you to have a safe experience. 

I missed the newborn window and my baby is now 2 months old do you take them?

We photograph babies of any age. Your baby is no longer a newborn however you can still book a session. Please understand the baby most likely will not be able to do newborn poses or wraps and they are usually awake. 

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